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 Russian: Chapter 1

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Elvira Ivanova

Elvira Ivanova

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PostSubject: Russian: Chapter 1   Tue Jul 28, 2015 12:15 am

"Всем привет друзья!" Elvira cried, smiling. "That means hello to all my friends. We're going to start off the lesson with our alphabet, because you cannot do anything without it. Russian will be very useful for all of you while visiting our country, so let's begin."


Resources. (Russian Sesame Street Alphabet Song) (A fancy link with sound buttons)

It's seriously not that hard, guys. Everyone seems to think it's worse than it is, and then they learn it! Smile It's only 33 letters. You can do it.)))

Try it out.

Write the following words Russian into English. Don't worry. You won't need a translator. They sound similar.

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Annora Oliver

Annora Oliver

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PostSubject: Re: Russian: Chapter 1   Tue Jul 28, 2015 12:52 am

"Oh boy!" Annora slightly rolled her eyes. The one thing about this school that she was not fond of was the location. She hated how impossible it was to walk five feet without hearing a conversation that she couldn't understand. Now she was sitting in a room, trying to learn a language that she had no interest in.

"I know how to say Нет животные," She laughed, quickly flashing a glance at her backpack. "That's about it."

She opened up a book she had gotten for this class and stared blankly at the alphabet. There were some letters that were normal, but others were just lying to themselves.

"P is a p, not an r. Just stop it," she thought to herself.

Reluctantly, she grabbed a pencil and began to write.

Try it out.
Name: Аннора (I think)

Кофе- Coffee?
Спорт- Cpot? Spopt? Oh oh oh! I think it's sport..?
Теннис- Tehee teehee like a laughing sound. Or tennis? I mean I guess thatd make more sense.
Баскетбол- backetbon. I dont even know
Бейсбол- bensbon.
Жираф- Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
фламинго- This just keeps getting harder. Flameengo?? OH FLAMINGO
Горилла- Gopeella. Gorilla!
Панда- Panda
Радио- Padno
Компьютер- Komputep
Музыка- Myzeka
Балет- Ballet
Доктор- Doctor?
Профессор- Professor?
Математика- Matemateka
Биология- Bnoleya?
Фото- foto OH PHOTO
Телефон- Telephone
Видео- Veedeo.. video?

She put down her pen, frowning half-heartedly. "I have never felt so American"
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Elvira Ivanova

Elvira Ivanova

Posts : 3
Join date : 2015-07-27

PostSubject: Re: Russian: Chapter 1   Tue Jul 28, 2015 12:46 pm

Elvira took a glance over Annora's work. "Annora Oliver," she said in a whispered breath, "Not too bad for a first time, hm?"

She winked. "I'm sure you'll be all prepared for next week's test."
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Lisette Lach-Leon

Lisette Lach-Leon

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PostSubject: Re: Russian: Chapter 1   Tue Jul 28, 2015 2:23 pm

Elsie shook off that she was intimidated a bit by the entirely foreign alphabet. It would be the key to living around this school and country for the next seven years, she figured, and to tackle it head on was the only was to go.

She worked slowly, matching the letters to their sounds in each word and dragging it out slow as to see how it was pronounced. She scribbled little English versions in the margins on the paper, trying to connect the two languages best she could.

Name: Elsie Lach-Leon
Лизет Лак-Лион

Кофе - Coffee!
Спорт - Sport
Теннис - Tenness. Tennis.
Баскетбол - Basketball
Бейсбол - Baseball
Жираф - Zhi- Sheriff?? Giraffe?
фламинго - Flameeeengo!
Горилла - Gorilla
Панда - Panda
Радио - Rodeo Radio
Компьютер - Computer
Музыка - Musika? Music?
Балет - Ballot... Ballet...?
Доктор - Doctor
Профессор - Professor
Математика - Mathematics (Arithmancy, too??)
Биология - Be-o-logea Biology
Фото - Photo
Телефон - Telephone
Видео -Video

Beside her animal answers lived little doodles of those creatures, an arrow pointing to 'Профессор' that read 'Ms. Ivanova!, notes to self and an attempt at writing her own name in Russian at the top, below her name. It was an Elsie work, for certain, but she was pleased with having gotten through it. She'd learn from the mistakes.
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PostSubject: Re: Russian: Chapter 1   

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Russian: Chapter 1
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