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All about Lisette Lach-Leon

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Aniva Institute
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Student, with a love of visual and performing arts, divination, magical creatures, and exploring.
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Don't date someone you wouldn't have a Harry Potter marathon with.
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Name: Lisette Lach-Leon
Face Claim: Christine deVilliers
Other Names: Elsie
Blood: Muggleborn
Birth Date: July 6, 2004
Hometown: Clive, Iowa, beside Clive Lake.
Motives: To see the most she can in her short time, and give hope to those who are otherwise rejected.
Desires: To know someone of her blood family, to know her blood family’s history. She also desires to see Eloise and Luke succeed at whatever they aspire to. She desires to share her art and creativity with the world, without shame or regard.
Secrets: Survivor of childhood neuroblastoma, which left her with hearing loss, some learning disabilities in certain areas, and of course, the risk of other cancers.
Quirks: Has absolutely no clue how to manage her own hair. Likes to experiment with divination.
Known Languages: English, some French, learning Russian.
Aesthetic: Hard-to-interpret artwork that everyone has a different opinion on; bubble-blowing; live orchestral music; feet hanging over the dock and splashing the water; attempting to sing lyrics to a song one’s never heard; quirky upcycling; overall shorts in the spring, hats with animal ears in the winter; comfortable silence;
Best Classes: Herbology and Astronomy
Worst (but, not essentially disliked) Classes: Potions (actual yikes), Dark Arts, and occasionally Defense Against the Dark Arts.
Temperament: Between sanguine and phlegmatic.
Perception: Reckless optimist.
Superstitions: She’ll give in to some. You might find her making ridiculously long steps or hopping to conquer cracks in the paths, or maybe trying to make peace with a black cat that has skittered by. And, she is definitely one to believe what divination tells her.
Virtues: Kindness, or charity
Vices: Envy, or despair.
Wardrobe: Mostly comfortable, typical clothes, combined with accessories that have sentimental ties to them or whatnot.
*Adoptive* Parents: Mireille Leon and Chelsea Lach.
Birth parents: ?????
Siblings: Eloise, 8 years younger, and Luke, 5 years younger.
Friends: No house divides stop her from making a friendship. She considers most of the people she has a met a friend.
Significant Other:
Orientation: Bisexual
Heroes: Her moms, definitely.
Pets: At home in Clive, Iowa, the Lach-Leons have a King Charles Spaniel with incredibly long ears and paralysis of the hind legs, for reasons the Lach-Leons don’t know, for the dog, Jojo, was a stray they adopted. Long-story short, he was 9 years old when Elsie left for school and happily wanders around his home with a lil wheeled harness all jolly and licking everyone’s hands.
At Aniva, Elsie brought along a black and white kitten, whom she named Beau and has yet to get to know very well.
Personality: She is caring, a listener, a counselor. She is described as a welcomer. She’s a team player (Though, in some cases, a passionate team supporter… Quidditch ain’t everyone’s cup of tea). She won’t lash out against others, because most of the wrongs in her life she’ll blame on herself. This can leave her feeling victimized, though she doesn’t see that she puts it on herself, not others putting it on her. Despite her very outward love of others, she works out a lot internally and is thoughtful. She appreciates both time alone and time spent surrounded by people.


Face Claim: Christine Devilliers
Hair: Not so brilliant. She hadn’t had long hair until two years before she enrolled in Aniva Institute, so her experience is… lacking. A light blonde mop, it’s usually frizzy, maybe a little knotted from time to time. Despite these defining facts, she usually wears it down- it’s not very pretty or extraordinary, but she is so proud of it.
Eye Color: Blue
Gender: Female

Lisette Lach-Leon
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