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All about Maria Mikhailovna

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Blood: Half-blood. Pretty common nowadays.

Born: 5 December

Nicknames: Masha. Definitely call her Masha. Her mother calls her Mashka.

Personality: Masha is a very decisive person. She's lived her entire life in a small town with only a few friends, but she does run the group that she's in, whether they like it or not. She's quick on her toes and very witty, known as the class clown. She is attending Aniva for its location and because she has trouble controlling her magic.


Nadezhda Lvovna - Masha's mother, whom she has a close relationship with. They moved around often, when Masha was little, but have now settled down in Siberia for the time being. She was very hesitant to sending her daughter away, but reluctantly sent her to Aniva because of Masha's growing inability to control magic.

Lena - Lena was a childhood friend of Masha's. She's mentioned often in Masha's childhood, though the two have never spoken since, because of Nadezhda's quick move.
Maria Mikhailovna
Maria Mikhailovna
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