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All about Anastasiya Viktorovna

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Aniva Institute
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Staying up late, nose deep in a novel
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Invisibility means hiding behind the tallest person you can find
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Anastasiya Viktorovna
Nickname: Anya/Ana

Height: 5' 7"
Hair Colour: Light Brown
Eye Colour: Icy Blue
Skin Tone: Anya is pale, with freckles spotted in various areas over her face. She is easily burnt
Face Shape: Oval

Anya tends to be quiet and kept to herself. She believes that she is better off alone than with other people. She is not an extremely trusting person and does not open herself up easily. She keeps her feelings locked behind a wall. People usually see her as the shy, quiet one who always has her nose in a new book. On the rare occasion when she attends a party, she keeps to herself over in the corner.

Viktor Alkaev: Anastasiya and her father were never very close. Throughout most of her life, all she could remember was awaking late at night to the sound of the front door opening. Viktor always traveled on buisness. Come to think of it, Anya could never remember exactly what it was that Viktor did. Viktor saw Anya as the child that he did not want, btu had been forced to raise. After her mother left them, would not allow Anya to forget the fact that she was half "Frozen-hearted b**ch."

Anya's Mother: Her mother left Anya and Viktor about a month before she turned one. All Anya had been told about her mother was that she and Viktor had once been in love. He refused to give her any other information. Anya didn't even know what her blood status was.

Birthday: October 27th
Anya had always loved to read. She loved to pretend that she was anywhere except for in her own home. She yearned to be like the people she read about in stories, though she knew that her life would never be like that.
Growing up was hard for her, seeing as she had never known what her blood purity was. Whenever she asked her father, he started to yell at forced her to promise to never inquire again, but she always asked him. The kids she knew growing up had always given her the cold shoulder because they were unaware which stereotype she fell under and therefor did not know how to treat her.

Once she was old enough, she couldn't enroll in Aniva fast enough. She grew up hearing rumours of the wonderful school where anyone was welcome and all were accepted and she wondered if she would finally find herself in a place where she could belong.

Anastasiya Viktorovna
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