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Lev Ilyich
Lev Ilyich

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PostSubject: FYI.    FYI.        EmptyWed Jul 08, 2015 1:38 am

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Welcome to Aniva! This is our first ever little announcement on the site. (Side note: It's been too long for me to have not made an announcement! Wow, guys, I'm rusty!)

Anywho, onto the orders.

You should be getting your characters sorted by now. Our classes (and we will need teachers) are as follows: Spells, Potions, Herbology, DADA, DA, Astronomy, History, French, Russian.

Positions need to be filled ASAP. Remember that teachers may double as counselors. Please PM Lev Ilyich to notify the school of your position in order to be factored in correctly.

Feel free to drop in the Writer's Block area, or if you're already connected to our Google Doc, in order to discuss upcoming events, possible sorting changes, etc.

Have a wonderful first week. Good luck to you all!
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