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 About School Houses.

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Lev Ilyich
Lev Ilyich

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About School Houses. Empty
PostSubject: About School Houses.   About School Houses. EmptyMon Jul 06, 2015 10:37 pm

Meaning: Pravda/Правда/truth and vazhno/Важно/important (Russian)
Colors: Dark red & silver
Pros: Smooth talkers, know how to find way out of bad situations. Quick on their toes. “Big picture” people, able to make the best decision without being bogged down by small details. Creative. Quick-witted. Extremely adventurous.
Cons: Trouble always seems to come their way, usually circumstantial or bad luck. Image is a big thing for them, mostly for honor or respect. Judgemental of themselves and others. Can’t make up their minds. A little too pragmatic, so can appear uncompassionate.

Meaning: Truth (Bulgarian)
Founder: Iskra Istine
Colors: Light Blue & Cream
Pros: Expressive. Affectionate and friendly. Devoted to relationships/friendships until the very end. Extremely loyal. Empathetic and emotional. Easy to talk to. Morally disagrees with stereotypes and labels, prioritize truth and authenticity. Balanced ego. confident only in the things they try their hardest on. Welcome change and new beginnings. Will defend the rights of their friends and loved ones until the grave. Physically affectionate, recognizing emotional/physical boundaries.
Cons: Resents strict scheduling. Self pitying/melodramatic, tend to complain a lot about their situations. Over emotional at times. Tends to let everyone know when something is bothering them. Don’t voice their opinion unless it’s something they are relentlessly passionate about. Don't find it easy to stand up for themselves. Loses interest in subjects if they aren’t passionate.

Meaning: Bravery (Portuguese)
Colors: Maybe yellow and orange (like fire? ahaha fire+bravery)
Pros: Confident, Passionate, Ready to defend what they believe in, Brave. They aren’t about to sit back and watch somebody badmouth them or the people they love. They are more likely the leaders than the followers.
Cons: Easily offended, Often get into arguments over nothing, Feel like most things are a personal attack, allow passion to fog over their sense of what is right and what is wrong. They always have ideas, but never know how to follow through on them.

Meaning: Worth/Value
Colors: Purple & Gold
Pros: They are very charming and very helpful. They are confident with their actions (silently or outloud pick one). Elegant and very affectionate if they get to know who they've lusted toward.
Cons: Vain, narcissistic, lustful over love, impulsive. Enjoy Gossip and spread it sometimes.

Meaning: Derived from Swedish word “fred” (meaning peace), and the Swedish word “elasticitet” (meaning resilience.)
Colors: Burgundy and Columbia Blue
Pros: Frelasts prefer to work behind the scenes, and can get a fair amount of things done on their own. They are astute, incisive, and fervent. They are driven by what they feel, and guided by what they know. Frelasts are an inclusive and accepting group. They believe judgment has no place on the table. Frelasts, though they ultimately prefer to work independently, are not opposed to group work, or groups in general. Most Frelasts view competition as a healthy challenge, though there are some that see it as a means of dividing potential allies and/or friends. Empathy is a common trait of Frelasts; they see and feel what others go through, and often find themselves aiming to lend a helping hand. Frelasts like to put others before themselves. Once someone has broken past their seemingly cold, reserved exterior, Frelasts are a very tight-knit group. They value the close relationships they can have with people, but at the same time they are reluctant to form them.
Cons: Frelasts tend to keep to themselves/their close-knit circle, which can make them come off as cold or reclusive. They tend to let their heavy emotions cloud their judgement, which can stray them from the path they follow. Frelasts have an intensity about them that others may not understand; it may come off as obsessive. They are prone to getting so set on achieving a goal that they may end up losing themselves in it, or abandoning it completely. Many Frelasts can have bursts of melancholy while working, due to a strive for perfection in their particular field(s), which can often pose a problem for them. Their desire to put the needs of others before their own can often lead to them being drained/worn out.

Meaning: Harmony, in Greek.
Colors: Plant/Olive Green & White
Strengths: Work to benefit their causes through creative and original means, usually with some intellectual or deeper-thinking influence behind their art/contributions/work. They don't seek attention for what they do. Usually sociable souls who create harmony in a group- they may not be the well-known melody, but the add the flair and touch that a good piece needs. Loyal, good with communication, and insightful.
Weaknesses: Can also be easily offended or bored when their ideas don't transcend into reality well or are criticized. Might end up troubled from putting themselves second when their own needs are floundering. Could find themselves stuck in the background if they don't find themselves socializing often. Highly susceptible to feeling alone.
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About School Houses.
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