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All about Nellie Prewett

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Blood: Pure-blood.

Born: 30 June

Nicknames: Nell. All of the Pravazhno students call her it. She doesn't like to be called "Professor Prewett." She thinks the double "PP" sounds stupid.

Personality: Nell is extremely fierce. She's late, unorganized, very disoriented, but she was hired because of her fierce attitude. She has the exact same fire for her job that the Pravazhno founder had. Don't mess around with her students, because you'll have her to worry about.


Lev Ilyich - Her boss. Also her ex-boyfriend. Rumor has it the two were going to get married, but Nell admitted she couldn't hold a relationship and was too much a kid a heart for Ilych, who is overly responsible.

Nellie Prewett
Nellie Prewett
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