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 Okay (Trigger Warning:Semi-Intense Themes)

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Annora Oliver

Annora Oliver

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Okay (Trigger Warning:Semi-Intense Themes) Empty
PostSubject: Okay (Trigger Warning:Semi-Intense Themes)   Okay (Trigger Warning:Semi-Intense Themes) EmptyThu Jul 09, 2015 10:53 pm

Annora sat at a table in the far right corner of the library, quill in hand. In front of her lay a small notebook that had been given to her by her grandmother a few years ago. Engraved into the brown leather cover were the words,

The world is made up of billions of people, but all it takes is one

She smiled at the words. Her grandmother had always loved to buy anything with a quote on it that she could find and give it to Annora whenever she saw her. She had always believed that in a world that seemed to be turned against her, the only hope she needed was the right selection of inspiring words.

It had hit Annora especially hard when her grandmother had passed away. It seemed like all of the air had escaped from her body and she was slowly being pushed further into an ocean of loneliness. She no longer had anyone to turn to. Yes she was loud and "happy" at school and in public, but once she entered her home the glass shattered into a million jagged pieces and she fell apart.

She would walk into the kitchen to see $100 and a note explaining her parents' latest vacation spot waiting for her and then she would run into the bathroom and sit crosslegged on the floor for hours on end, silvery tears streaming down her face.

She would glance upward towards the silver razor that resided on the counter. Some days she would choose to be strong, but other days the razor won, digging deep into her pale flesh until she could no longer wear shorts in public without being interrogated or asked if she was okay.

What even was okay?

Was okay a state of being or a figment of the imagination?

Was it even possible to be okay?

"Hey!" She heard, suddenly being pulled back into reality. She took one look at the notebook and decided it would be best kept hidden away deep in her bag for now.
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Okay (Trigger Warning:Semi-Intense Themes)
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