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 A vacation of sorts

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Annora Oliver

Annora Oliver

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A vacation of sorts Empty
PostSubject: A vacation of sorts   A vacation of sorts EmptyWed Jan 27, 2016 12:03 pm

Annora shuffled her feet against the floor of the main hall.
"'Wait for me in the main hall', he said.
'I'll be there by four' he said," Annora said in a mocking tone of sorts. It was now five o'clock.
It's not like she had expected today to be any different. Its not like he ever actually did what he said he would.

She dug around the bottom of her little black bag for a while before pulling out a silver phone. She didn't use the phone much, but every now and then it was a useful tool.

After dialing a number into the device, she held it to her ear.

"Hello?" A deep, muffled voice came through.
"Joshua," Annora began. "Didn't you say you were coming at four?" She asked.
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A vacation of sorts
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