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 The Ballroom Shot.

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Maria Mikhailovna

Maria Mikhailovna

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The Ballroom Shot. Empty
PostSubject: The Ballroom Shot.   The Ballroom Shot. EmptyMon Sep 28, 2015 10:24 pm

15 years ago. / 15 лет назад.

Nadezhda Lvovna never expected life to be this troublesome. Until recently, she was just a student, studying in the state capital, from a home far away, something her family felt pride in her for. Such a small girl, making it so big and so far away.

Her life had never been picture-perfect, but it had been near it. Little blonde girl with a nice scholarship, a good family to back her, and a polite personality to carry her. But she was simple. And Nadya herself hated that. So she just had to go and make herself not simple.

So that's why, only a year after entering university, she was standing on the top floor of the ballroom, wand in hand, ready to cast a killing curse.

Nadya rose carefully from her seat, the lights to the balconies already dimming, and she took a piece of gum from her mouth and stuck it on the side railing.

Suddenly a stocky man come from the balcony entrance, late, as usual. "What is that woman doing in my seat?" he asked obtrusively, sticking his wide finger out in disgust at the poorly dressed student.

Nadya didn't wait. She grabbed for her bag, ready to snatch out her wand and finish the job, no matter what the price at the end.

"–Nadya!" a voice called from the top of the stairs, a thin, lanky college student with messy hair stopped at the top to catch his breath. "God! I told you the wrong place, c'mon, why don't you?"

"Niki!" she shouted, glaring, infuriated with rage at his blatant interruption.

"Come on, now. We're in the wrong place." He seemed so convincing. The soldiers that came with the fat man at the top of the stairs seemed to fall for the silly boy's explanation and let Nadya ascend the stairs and exit the private balcony.

"Niki, I cannot believe you! You knew what this meant to me, you knew what not to do! Oh, why couldn't you just stay away, and it'd all have been over! That man is not a ruler, he's not a governor of the Ministry of Magic! Even the Lestrange Empire before would've been better!" she hissed once they were far away enough.

"You also know there are better ways. You know. Remember, we can show you. The quill is better than your little wand. Don't be rash." He smiled at her. "Listen, let's watch the rest of the opera."
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The Ballroom Shot.
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